Nyassa Arabian Oudh Hand Cream 145 Ml

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Oudh or oud is also known as "Agarwood". As the name suggests, it is deep, woody, aromatic middle eastern oil. This fragrance is sacred in various parts of the middle east and Japan. Your hands bear the brunt of daily chores and activities that call for special treatment. What better way than to use the Nyassa Arabian Oudh Hand Cream. Made from natural oils, this hand cream mainly contains Shea Butter and Birch Tree Extracts. Shea Butter is a natural moisturizer that keeps your hands soft by hydrating them. It banishes roughness and dryness and locks in the moisture. Birch Tree Extract is a natural cleanser that keeps your skin free from bacteria and germs. The hand cream comes with a deep, woody aroma that lends a unique fragrance. Get this hand cream for super moisturizer hands! Keep this in your office, car, home, and kitchen for daily hand nourishment. Especially recommended for dry hands."
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